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With a lineup of 11 shows, we cover everything from exclusive interviews with yacht designers and builders to in-depth discussions on the latest technological advancements in marine engineering, as well as mental and social issues. From luxury to diversity and everything in between, YIR is bringing you weekly shows on topics that matter. 

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'Yachting USA with Rick Thomas' provides an in-depth exploration of American boat building hosted by industry veteran Rick Thomas. Each episode delves into the evolution of US yacht construction over the past thirty years, highlighting the enduring appeal of luxury yachts to American buyers. Through candid discussions with industry experts, Rick offers insider insights into the challenges and successes of the US yachting industry, emphasizing its role in sustaining global interest in luxury yachts.
rick Thomas.png

Rick Thomas: Commercial Diver turned Entrepreneur, President of Nautical Structures Industries, Yacht Management at JMS Yachting USA.



'The Wellbeing Project' with Karine Rayson delves into diverse topics of personal growth and mental wellness. Explore issues like toxic leadership in structured environments and techniques for emotional freedom through insightful conversations with experts and individuals who have navigated unique paths. Join Karine Rayson as she unpacks the complexities of the human experience, offering practical tips and transformative tools for holistic wellbeing.
Karine Rayson.jpg

Karine Rayson, Director of The Crew Coach, empowers yacht crew worldwide through coaching, counseling, and DISC expertise.

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Join Rhea as we explore the fascinating world of marine exploration. Each episode features captivating interviews, thrilling adventures, and cutting-edge innovations shaping oceanic discovery. From ocean research to Arctic expeditions and sonar technology, we uncover the wonders of the deep. Dive into our discussions with experts and enthusiasts to embark on an exciting journey of discovery!
Rhea Rouw_edited_edited.png

Rhea Rouw, founder of Yachting International Radio. With 32 years in broadcasting, Marketing Director, Promotions Coordinator, and Senior Sales Executive.

YachtCrew Vlogs.png


'Crew Travel Information', guided by hosts Rhea Rouw and Lee Harris. Tailored for yacht crews and maritime professionals, our episodes deliver essential updates on the best airlines, airspace navigation, handling strikes and visas, maximizing airline miles, weather challenges, airport flooding, new routes, access to first-class lounges, inflight WiFi, top inflight meals, and much more. Gain insider insights and expert tips to enhance your travel experience and streamline your journeys.
lee haris.jpeg

Lee Harris, a travel expert with 27 years in marine and corporate travel. Marine Travel Manager at ATPI, Previously Director at Blue Marine Travel for 16 years.

Morning Flight
Show-crew travel.png


A conversational show hosted by Gary Napier, where he engages in open discussions with men, aiming to break the silence around male emotions. In this loose interview format, Gary explores the guests' journeys, with a particular focus on their mental health. The show provides a safe space for candid conversations, challenging societal norms, and promoting emotional expression.
Gary Napier.png

Gary Napier, a Counseling Psychologist with an MSc in Psychology, is an Accredited Counsellor with the ACCPH and a member of The British Psychological Society (BPS).


'Yachtfemme' by Andrea Tagliaferro, a podcast delving into the world of yachting through the lens of remarkable women. Andrea interviews a variety of women in the industry, from pioneers to seasoned professionals to entrepreneurs, shedding light on their backgrounds, experiences, and current roles. The podcast aims to raise awareness about the diverse contributions of women in yachting, showcasing their hard work and achievements.
Andrea Tagliaferro.jpg

Andrea Tagliaferro, growth marketing strategist, founder of Yacht Dame, public speaker, former yacht designer, architect, and interior designer.

Micellar Water
Show-Yacht Femme.png


Join host Eva Lianne in 'MaritimeUnity Talks' as she navigates insightful conversations, uniting voices in the maritime sector. Together with special guests, we will explore the horizons of inclusion and psychological safety. Dive into this dynamic interview series with engaging discussions that delve into shared experiences and industry insights.
Eva Lianne Veldkamp.jpeg

Eva Lianne Veldkamp, is a dual-licensed maritime officer navigating vast oceans. As a maritime human rights ambassador and collaborator at COPE°, she leads positive change initiatives.

Maritime Unity.png


Hosted by Geraldine Hardy, this podcast delves into self-care and love, personal growth, and authentic connections. Topics include reintegrating into social life after the isolation of burnout and trauma recovery, redefining luxury beyond possessions, and advocating for emotional well-being, self-accountability, and meaningful connections. Geraldine offers insights on self-acceptance, handling criticism, and living authentically, particularly for highly sensitive empaths.

Geraldine Hardy, Investor relations, mental health advocate, yoga therapist, meditation guide, NLP coach and multilingual.

Show-Self Care Onboard.png


Join Marien Sarriera on 'Uncensored', where industry veterans share insights on navigating challenges and fostering personal growth in the yachting world. Through raw and candid conversations, delve into topics typically hidden from the public eye, shedding light on the darker issues within the industry. Gain invaluable wisdom on resilience, self-worth, and transform your perspective on life both on and off the sea.
Marien Sarriera.jpg

Marién Sarriera, is a former Chief Stewardess turned entrepreneur and seafarer right advocate who leads Yachts Mermaids, an online platform empowering female yacht crew. 

Aerial View of Waves


Welcome to 'Diversity,' where hosts Rhea and Dr. Joseph Nwoye lead engaging conversations on the multifaceted nature of diversity. Explore cultural differences' influence globally, as Dr. Nwoye shares insights from Nigeria on discrimination and the need for diverse interactions. From confronting uncomfortable histories to advocating for inclusive education, this episode delves into fostering equality and understanding. Whether discussing cultural nuances or STEM challenges, "Diversity" offers listeners enlightening discussions and actionable insights for building inclusivity.
Dr. Joseph Nwoye.jpeg

Dr. Joseph Nwoyer, Institutional & Corporate Diversity Leader, Founder of SDIG & Diversity Frontier Inc. Author, mentor, global advocate for inclusive learning.



'Coffee & Conversation,' hosted by Rebecca Whitlocke, offers informal discussions with business owners and companies from the yachting and luxury sectors. In each episode, Rebecca chats with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators to explore their journeys and insights into the industry. Tune in if you have pressing questions and want something beyond the ordinary!
Rebecca Whitlocke.jpg

Rebecca Whitlocke, Yachting Copywriter and PR Strategist. Founder of Antibes Yachting, Access Riviera Freelance writer for 16 years. She connects brands with clients.

Aerial Marina Shot
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